Finding the Perfect Hotel

Hotels make a huge difference in our experience while we’re traveling, right?  When we got married, we were brokety-broke.  Just young college students who lived on love and Ramen.  Shortly after we were married though, I had a training in Vegas for work.  My hubby was able to join me.  We stayed in a suite in the Venetian (when it was pretty new…) that was AMAZING.  Like, wow.  Talk about luxury.

When I finished the training, we decided we were only five hours from Disneyland and we should just jet down there for the day.  What the heck, we were young and up for an adventure.  Well, we drove during the night, but got to Anaheim at about 2 am.  It’s not exactly easy to find a hotel in Anaheim at 2 am….especially before internet was on cell phones.  We finally found a place with vacancy.  WHAT A DIVE!  Oh my goodness.  Smokey, cock-roach-infested, dirty, smelly, gross, with an animal of some sort living in the radiator (no joke, it reached it’s little paw or something out to claw around….AHHHH!) The shower… crap-a-nasty I could hardly handle it.  But after sleeping in that bed, I needed a hot shower and scrub with some soap.  We survived.  And we had a blast at Disneyland.  But wow, hotels seriously make a difference.

We definitely have been blessed to travel, but we don’t have a lot of money.  So most everything we do is frugally.  I’ve discovered that I love HOTELS.COM.  This site rocks!  It gives you lots of options and compares prices at other websites. I always read reviews.  I think those are the best judge of what you’re getting.  I also always look for places with free breakfast…because…FREE….   And the more you use it, the more free nights you earn.  It’s my go-to.  I spend time shopping around, but I’m definitely not a pro.  Do any of you have any tips for finding hotels? What do you do?  What do you recommend?

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