About Us

So, full disclosure? The name of this website is awful isn’t it? Go ahead, you can be honest. It sucks.

But here’s the story: My husband and I have been blessed enough to have seen some pretty amazing places on this spinning rock we call Planet Earth. I know a lot of you are far more traveled than we are, but we wanted to create a journal, or a space where we could chronicle our adventures. Thus was born the idea of creating a blog. But like every newborn, when it comes time to choose a name, Mom and Dad don’t always agree.

My husband and I went back and forth on what to call this humble little blog. I wanted, “Around the world in 80ish days” but that was too long. My ┬áhusband wanted, “Our travels” but that was too lame (sorry honey).

Well as we were searching for names we also needed a place to register our domain and host our site. We came across a place to buy expired domains and this happened to be one. So we compromised…kind of. If I’m being honest, what we ended up with is a name that is both too long, and still really lame.

But hey, “When life hands you lemons…” right?!

Try to see past the long, lame name and enjoy our modest travel blog. Click here to go to start reading our posts.