Travelers Checks???

Years and years ago (pre-digital age) when I was in high school, my mom and all of her sisters and my girl cousins who were my age went on a cruise… a “sister’s trip” (with a few extra of us younger girls included).  We we to the western Mediterranean.  I think my favorite stop on that cruise was Grand Cayman.  Swimming with the sting rays was amazing.  For money purposes, we took Travelers Checks. They are kind of like a check (need signatures and ID from the owner), but can be used as cash. You would just go to your bank before your trip and get as many travelers checks (in any denomination desired) printed (prepaid, at the bank) and then used like cash that you signed.  Every place I visited took them!  It was pretty slick.  They were super convenient because they literally worked like cash, but if they got lost or stolen, they couldn’t be used.  And when you got home, the bank would replace them.  It was a safe way to carry money..,.safer than cash and better than risking not being able to find an ATM or a place that took a debit card (yes, it was hard to deal with credit/debit cards once upon a time).  So we loved our travelers checks.

Travelers checks can still be found today, but not very easily.  Today, you can get something that works like travelers checks, but is more universal. You can now get prepaid debit cards from MasterCard, Travelex, Visa, and AmEx (and probably more places…but I’d stick with big companies) that have chips and work like a regular debit card, but like travelers checks, they have zero liability.  If they get lost or stolen, you get all your money back.  This is very convenient if you’re traveling someplace that isn’t very safe.  And Travelex is pretty cool, because it can even carry up to six different currencies on one card.  They can all be reloaded, and all have regular ATM fees.  They aren’t attached to your bank account at all.  So if you’re looking for a safe way to carry money on your trip, check these different cards out!

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