Totally Sick!

We’ve all gotten sick on vacation before.  Sometimes it’s jet lag (even just a couple of hours throws me for a loop), sometimes it’s sea sickness (oh man, I went on a cruise and we were in the tail end of a hurricane….everyone was sick…everywhere), let’s just get this one out there….sometimes traveling can cause some serious constipation…yep I said it, but often it’s an upset stomach, possibly severely upset.  It’s the last one we’ll talk about today. (Though each one of these other mentions deserves a post too!)

So how do we fight this?!? Maybe we’re not used to the water in the area, or maybe the water isn’t really clean (depending on where  you’re traveling). I know we hear stories of water bottles being filled directly out of the tap, but if you’re going to drink water (and we all need water!), a water bottle is still the safest way to go.  Unless you’re in a third world country, then I would recommend getting a filter water bottle or purifying tablets and clean everything you put in your mouth.  I don’t even run my toothbrush under the water in the sink….rinse with a water bottle!

When I was in Egypt, we were told to drink a bottle of Coca-Cola with every single meal because it would kill a lot of the stuff in our stomach.  (That’s comforting……)  And when I was in Cancun, one night we all ate at this delicious little restaurant and were all SICK shortly after.  One girl I was traveling with had a bottle of Cipro antibiotics and we all took one.  The next morning, we were good to go.  She said her doctor gives them to her every time she leaves the country and that it always works for her.

These are just a few suggestions. What else do you recommend to fight off the upset stomachs from eating and drinking different foods?

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