A Little More Serious….

I know it’s been forever since I’ve written.  We’ve had some crazy things going on in our lives.  We’ve traveled a little.  To Japan and Italy and sunny Mexico.  But more on that later.  Today I want to address something a little heavier than usual.  There are so many incredible, amazing, awesome, wonderful things about traveling.  I definitely have wanderlust and LOVE it.  But when you travel, there are some things to be aware of too.  One that touches my heart right now is drug use.  Laws outside the United States (and let’s face it, even inside the United States) are WAY more lax than they should be.  When I was on the beach in Mexico, I was constantly bombarded with venders trying to sell me Marijuana…or “whatever I like.” Seriously?!?  And when I was in college and I backpacked around Europe, I constantly had these young kids at hostels coming up to me asking where they could find drugs. Really?!?  But yes, it is a huge problem.  They don’t care how old you are, they just want to sell you this horrible stuff.  And alcohol?  Very abundant.  You can pretty much drink no matter your age.
A friend of my recently put her son in rehab because of drug abuse.  It has been hard.  Drugs destroy lives.  If you are worried about someone you love, please don’t wait.  Don’t deny what is possibly pretty obvious if you step back and look at it.  Get help.  There is so much help available! Here is an awesome place to check out the signs of teen drug use. My brother has struggled with drugs his whole life.  He’s doing better now (still smokes and drinks…and well, marijuana is now legal…) but he tells me he still craves heroin every day.  It’s a struggle, but there is help and there is hope.

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